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Throwing Muses- Not Too Soon

I’m about two and a half years into this thing and I’ve never posted about this band. Granted, the whole point is to highlight musicians who don’t typically pop up on every “best female fronted” top ten out there (lists that always seem to be copying each other)- but it’s good to be reminded why they are held in that regard.

Throwing Muses as a name are generally lumped in with a couple of other alternative gems from their era, but they were were so much more influential than what many give them credit for.

They had the ability to craft brilliant pop songs, but they were never standard about it. They had such a unique take on song structure and chord progressions, always making things a bit unpredictable.

This particular song was one that Tanya apparently worked on for years. You can hear the demo version just to see how far it came. If you really pay attention to it as a whole, it’s ridiculous. There are so many different elements involved, from the surf drums to the Joe Meek-like guitar riff. It all combines to be something so of its time, yet… timeless? That doesn’t make sense, but neither does their material. There are certainly elements of their 80s/90s surroundings, but they are not defined by them. I am also just a massive fan of pretty voices that aren’t afraid to be a bit weird, and “Not Too Soon” has the best example of that I could possibly think of (I’m also a fan of people singing along to their riffs). Apologies if you follow me on any other media, or if you’re one of my flatmates, because this is literally the only song I’ve been listening to the past few days.

That isn’t to say this is the only track worth noting, of course. I found a couple of second hand Throwing Muses LPs in a record shop recently, and it’s made me realize how little I’ve paid attention to them over the years- at least compared to other bands they’re associated with. Both Tanya Donelly and Kristin Hersh are prolific in their own rights. Donelly is best known for her contributions to The Breeders and then going on to form Belly, where as Hersh has had a very notable solo career. I’ve always admired them, but full appreciation is long overdue.

This is from the album The Real Ramona.

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Sven Brasch


Sven Brasch

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Elvis Costello, 1978. photographed by Chalkie Davies.

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Suburban Lawns - Flavor Crystals

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Mission Of Burma “1970” (Stooges cover)

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PJ Harvey “C’mon Billy” video featured on 120 Minutes, 1995